My sometimes joined-up thoughts about knitting and crochet

What I would like to do is bring together – link-up if you will – some ideas and inspiration about knitting and crochet. The laptop doesn’t like it if I keep too many Windows open at once and that’s how my brain feels sometimes. I have a Ravelry projects page but that takes more effort to update than it does to finish a project. Start as many new projects as you can, that’s my motto! I also have pins on Pinterest but that’s just photos from everywhere. What I really want is somewhere to record what I’m working on, how I’m feeling about it, what I might start next, what yarn I want to buy, and also what ideas I have for my own designs.

Ok, so… in progress..
Sideways cable waistcoat knitted in DK. The back and left front are done and I only have another 30ish rows on the right. The cables are no trouble but I’m dreading the picking up and finishing.

Crochet afghan for The Crochet Crowd challenge. The Red Heart Pattern is a rainbow but I’m using four colours that I chose earlier and will call it the Fiesta Throw. Could suit my aunt in Arizona as it’s not heavy and very southwest feeling. One day I will make a big native American style blanket. In fact I took some photos at the American Museum in Britain so will check those for inspiration.

Lots of inspiration there for colour too at Kaffe Fassett exhibition. As he says, when in doubt, add 20 more colours! Loved his spiral sketch. Mismatched mitred squares and stripes could also be great to crochet. Gonna have to do a whole page on him!

At the other end, I want to do some monochromatic stuff in an op-art style. Bridget Riley is a whole other essay. May use some black and white aran cotton and do a cushion to start or a never-ending granny in two parts black to one part white.

What else? Started and finished a crochet piggy for Toby on Easter Sunday. Lion Brand has a farm blanket I want to make for him and plenty to amigurumi out there for pigs.

Speaking of amigurumi I have made all the parts from Simply Crochet’s long dog pattern this month. Great for using up scraps of DK that are too small even for granny squares. Sewing up to be done during Jeremy Vine. Plus tonight is the final part of Mikey’s mystery challenge. Is it a giraffe with short legs? I’ll have to wait till 7 UK time to find out.

Well, that’s enough to be getting on with. Back Friday with more links. Happy chaining!


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