Finished two critters this week.


Scrap doggie came out pretty well. I used safety eyes instead of trying to stitch two the same, but the idea of using black for the first few rounds of the nose really worked. A fun idea from Simply Crochet magazine – I think I have made something out of almost every issue since its launch.

Another fun idea was the Mystery Crochet challenge by The Crochet Crowd and Red Heart. Week 1 was the head, week 2 the ears and legs, week 3 the tail and spots. It wasn’t until week 4 that we made the body – and saw how big it was gonna be! Lots of stuffing in the neck but mine still looks like a slightly bendy giraffe. Poppy named her Ginger as she ended up with a ginger mane to go with her pink body, natural alpaca ears and brown and blue spots. I was happy to choose colours as I went along without knowing what the finished animal would be.

Picking up tasks looming for sideways cable waistcoat and just a few rows of Fiesta Afghan to finish. What next..Think I’m gonna order a colour multipack and see what happens…


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