Gothic wraps and shawls

Been having a little browse for a gothic style wrap/shawl/shrug. Can’t be too difficult to handle but I have time to make an intricate pattern. Red Heart has another rose filet shawl like the one I made. Did mine in black, of course, but no good when you are sitting in the black chair. Something silvery, grey, shimmery that you might almost say looks like fog (another hint).

I’ve still been putting off picking up sideways cable. The bottom ribbing is straightforward so I will have to give it a go. Brown is not right for the warm weather though. Also started the superchunky wrap cardigan in a blue/grey. Looking forward to trying the cable pattern on the sleeves.

Got a 20 yarn colour selection box from Marriner. Endless possibilities there but thinking of sampler afghan from Better Homes and Gardens vintage book. Making one with blocks has the advantage of adding to it whenever rather than starting another big blanket. Fiesta finished yesterday and trimmed with multicolour. See you what you think. 20140429_091703 bohoshawl 20140427_165154


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