Knitty Resolutions 2015

Hi all. I wanted to share new knitty new year resolutions. See if you can relate to any these – feel free to adopt them for yourself…

Blog more and share more. Tell others about what you are making and share all the projects you’ve finished. Tweet and link to thank the designers too!

Design and experiment more. Tweak existing patterns, play with colour and build a pattern from scratch.

Knit in more varied places. Any waiting room/café/car. Sit outdoors more to knit.

Find or found a group with knit with.

Recycle yarn from unfinished projects or finished ones that are surplus to requirements. How many scarves do you really need?

Knit with some previously purchased yarn that feels “too good” to use. A hank is lovely but you still can’t wear one.

Wear something you’ve made every day. Socks, hat, scarves are easy for winter but think about how to wear knits all year.

Make some garments using the vintage patterns you’ve collected rather than just collecting more. Experiment and substitute where necessary.

Make fewer things but choose some projects that are a bit more challenging. That knitters can always keep learning is a given.

Finally, give away more Finished Objects. Knitters are known to be generous so share the love.

I could make some about buying fewer patterns,  magazines, yarn but those feel doomed from the start. Keep them positive and keep creating!

Happy New Year!


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