A Look Back

Before we get too far into 2015 and get cracking on those knitty resolutions, I wanted to take a look back at 2014. Here are some of the year’s projects and some of its yarny lessons.

Fair Isle and Circulars

The two most important elements that I tried to learn were Fair Isle knitting and knitting on 2 circular needles. I was ruling out too many projects I loved the look of because they involved colourwork, DPNs or both. Trying in the round projects on two circulars instead has allowed me to make a few small items – wine bottle cover and half of a scarf…


I am determined to make a pair of socks with my precious sock yarn purchases of 2014.

Understanding how to float and weave in colours has seen me trying some more multi-coloured hats


and even making my own patterns for earwarmers. I am keen to tackle a Fair Isle jumper but will start with one with no floats, just regular colour changes. However the colourwork I really want to try is a Copley pattern from 1990. Will get started when I find the right gold colour wool.

Challenges and Charity

I am proud to have done some knitting for charity in 2014. I completed 20 blood drops and they ended up on a tree somewhere.

I will keep an eye out for organised charity knits, but I would also like to do something to be found – like the Little Yellow Duck project. thelittleyellowduckproject.org/

I made many of the Crochet Crowd’s challenges in 2014. I have learned some techniques and also learned that I hate sewing up afghan squares. Peppermint afghan nearly finished me off.


It’s ripple or J(oin)A(s)Y(ou)G(o) for me this year and I have gone right off granny squares for the moment. However, I’m sure somewhere out there is a pattern that could change my mind so I’m not ruling anything out.

Knitting v Crochet

I started last year doing mostly crochet and finished it by going back to a lot more knitting. I can sum up my current feelings about each –

Crochet is quicker to finish, but uses more yarn so can work out more costly by getting through too much too fast.

Knitting is better for garments like cardigans, jumpers, etc. I’m sure there are exceptions but shaping is easier. Fair Isle is great for hats as it makes a double layer but otherwise knitted hats stretch out quickly. Crochet is good for projects in the round, like hats, but stitches can mean hats are full of holes.

Crochet is good for amigurumi figures but I prefer knitting for making dolls as I like the smoother look of the faces.


Design Directions

I have been inspired by so many things I’ve seen and am feeling confident to try some more of my own designs. Possibilities for DIY (design-it-yourself) next time. Happy making in 2015!


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