DIY – Design It Yourself

As much as I love knitting and crochet patterns, I am determined that this year I will design more of my own. I am starting gently but just changing the colour scheme on an easy fair-isle jumper from the book Winter Knits Made Easy. In the book it is made with primary colours on grey but because I have purple, I am trying to adapt the other shades to suit. I am doing the sleeves first to see how they look and make sure I have enough wool to make two the same.

 The front and back may end looking slightly different. In fact I had an idea to make a mis-matched jumper using parts from different patterns. I guess it wouldn’t work unless the shaping all matched up but would it be crazy to do a sleeve with a completely different colour pattern than the other? I will pull some photos together for next time.

Meanwhile, here are some other projects suitable for DIY

1. Bunting – this could be made with knitted or crocheted triangles with colours and stripes or motifs to suit any occasion or interest. Thanks to my daughter I have a feeling that Dr Who elements are going to feature in some my designing this year.

2. Appliques – I did a sheep last year using only basic crochet shaping.


My son is into pigs so that seems an obvious one to try. These could be used for cup cozies – another quick DIY project.

3. Fair Isle practice – Get some graph paper and do some colouring in. Make swatches to use as pockets or expand a bit to make a hot water bottle cover.

4. Chart practice – again design an easy chart and use a swatch to make a pincushion

5. Cowl/scarf – take some yarn that you love but don’t know what to do with. Find a stitch pattern to suit and make as long as you like.

6. Holiday decorations – use any of the above to make décor or gifts to suit celebrations. I have made an extra resolution not to start any Christmas project til September but find varied things to celebrate throughout the year. March is another big anniversary for Dr Who and I suspect some of my others may be football related.

Finally, just keep making. All of us are creative. Even when we are following a pattern we make changes. Admittedly, mine usually come about as a result of a mistake I’ve made. Adapting allows us to continue. Adding a stitch or merging two when the count is slightly off is a creative act – ok it doesn’t always work but it’s still creative. With all this in mind, keep creating.


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