Mind Meld

I feel like I’ve spent two hours melting my brain this morning while trying out Double Knitting. Not DK as in lovely wool but Double Knitting as in working the front and back of piece of knitting at the SAME TIME. Using only 2 needles and 2 colours it was still a bit of a struggle to get the head round doing knit stitches with one colour and purl stitches with the other – and then swapping them to make a contrast.

and you should see the other side!

and you should see the other side!

All of this thanks to another great book from Search Press, Knitting Double by Anja Belle. I wanted to learn the technique by making one of the Christmas Ornaments, but even I’m not going to do Christmas in February.  Used a poppy motif chart I had hanging around. Ended up with about a 3 inch square so only big enough for a blanket for a Polly Pocket but I think I get the idea.

I love colourwork so this seems like a logical step. And I love fair-isle but not intarsia so this solves the bobbin problem as both colours are used all the way along every row.

Just as I’m getting to grips with Doctor Who makes my daughter has decided she also loves Star Trek: Enterprise. Partial to a bit of Bakula myself but this means I now have to seek out new civilisations, I mean, patterns to fit this theme. Will report findings soonest.


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