WIP it good

When I first started reading knitting magazines and coming across acronyms like WIPs and UFOs, I was shocked. I had made a few garments – working from a pattern for a few hours in the evening – one at a time! The thought that anyone could have more than one project on the go amazed me. Surely, I reasoned, you finish one then you start looking – and shopping – for another. Folks out there had stashes full of yarn and bags of lone sleeves waiting for partners. It was a revelation.

Now I am a true convert to the ‘of many, one’ model. Let me tell you why. Different times, moods and places call for different projects. An easy stitch pattern with straightforward shaping can be done with the kids playing and/or shouting in the same room. Something like a feather and fan can be attempted while watching telly in the evening, provided there isn’t anything too interesting on. I can probably count on one hand the number of times telly has been entertaining enough to make me stop knitting. A full-on fisherman’s aran or cable knit sweater should only be attempted in full daylight, in an empty house with the radio on low. I got no work done on one of these over half-term, needless to say. Chose to do colourwork cowl instead.

Doctor Who crazy girl with a cowl

Doctor Who crazy girl with a cowl

Plus, I need another portable project to take along when heading out to wait. (I’ve seen socks recommended for this but daren’t try it yet as I’m petrified of losing stitches off DPNs.) Besides this there are always birthdays and holidays that require a few hours/days interruption to main project progress. A great magazine or online sale can push a new project in too, but hey, why feel guilty about doing what we love? There are so many great things to knit, craft and crochet, why not try a couple – or five – or ten.

Gotta go, just got a new knitting book in the post!


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